About Us

Founded in 2009 as a boutique store in Bebek, one of Istanbul's most prestigious neighborhoods, Alexandre Home has today become a respected brand both domestically and internationally.

Known for its timeless aesthetic, elegant designs, and superior quality products, our brand produces each of its products in its workshop with meticulous handwork and great care.

Alexandre Home is committed to contributing to the empowerment of women. In line with this goal, our workshop provides employment for women who want to gain economic independence. Our collections, which come to life with their handwork, have a special value with these special touches.

The materials used in our collections include natural fabrics such as silk, 100% pure cotton and linen. The meticulousness in the selection of these fabrics increases both the comfort and elegance of our products.

The brand's founder and head designer, Begüm Işıküstün, continues to create designs that reflect Alexandre Home's aesthetic and quality standards in each new collection, preserving the excitement and passion of the brand's first day.

In addition to elegance and quality, Alexandre Home also aims to make a difference with its social responsibility awareness.